About Us

About Us

Our Greatest Gift is Serving Others

With 6 years of proven success with our clients, we have a proven track record that keeps getting better. 

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Our Process

Achieving Success Based on Results

It has always been our goal to achieve positive ROI for our clients as quickly as possible. We use analytical data to ensure that there is a clear route to success with any client we begin working for. 

We use proprietary analytical tools in order to establish what works in your industry. 

We analyze the competition in your market to find out what others are doing to succeed.  

We develop and execute the perfect marketing plan to get you ahead of the competition. 

A Passion For Fixing Problems

Digital Advantage started 6 years ago in Olympia, WA. The company owner and managing director Cody Slosson started the company with a vision to fix problems with marketing. 

“I knew generating revenue was a game of numbers that involved capturing the attention of the right people as well as meeting supply with demand in the market.” – Cody Slosson

With this philosophy in mind along with the willingness to focus on strong communication with clients, Digital Advantage has been scaled to a full-service marketing agency generating millions in added revenue for it’s clients year after year.  

Help 1000 Businesses Become #1 In Their Industry

Our greatest desire is to grow together with the businesses we work with. We become more successful when our clients become more successful. We share positive momentum with the companies we work with in order to take them to new heights. 

It is amazing what becomes possible when you can collaborate with an open mind and strong communication. Couple that with winning strategy and everyone we come in touch with is bound to succeed.  

Sticking to What's Important

Our success comes down to a couple of different fundamental strategies that helps us succeed in any endeavor. 


We start with figuring out what is already working. This helps us avoid making costly mistakes through trial and error.  

We then carefully plan and execute automated digital marketing strategies that will bring you customers on a consistent basis.